Funeral assistance

Cares-Assistance offers emotional assistance tailored to the needs of your relatives:

Emotional and practical assistance

Flexible support for the personal and administrative needs of your family

Extensive palliative assistance

Complete team of caretakers to alleviate the most difficult moments

AXA insurance expertise

Specialised and independent assistance providers give you the best service

Why choose Cares-Assistance?


Funeral assistance

'Cares-Assistance' is the only funeral assistance on the Belgian market that gets involved BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the funeral and the death.
Both practical and emotional assistance from the day you become a client, but especially during the time when your family needs us the most.


For every customer who chooses to return to his or her country of origin, we offer an extra option.

The deceased can be expatriated with two family members to their home country. The funeral can take place abroad and the relatives will be able to attend the funeral as a family member.

Erwin, 47 years. Father of 2.

“When my broker first spoke to me about Cares-Assistance's death assistance, I was a bit surprised. Of course you insure your house and your car, but your death ...? 

But when he explained the extensive assistance, I was quickly convinced. 

You do not take out a death insurance for yourself, but for your children, he said. And that is exactly what matters!"

Our partners for a highly personalised death assistance

AXA Assistance

In order to offer your family or third parties tailor-made support, we opt to work together with AXA Assistance, a specialised and independent assistance provider.

Thanks to their expertise as lawyers, (child) psychologists and social assistants, we can provide you with the on-site assistance that you expect from a real partner.


Pobos provides services relating to (child) psychologists and social assistants. Within 24 hours they are present to support your relatives. The Pobos professionals provide all the necessary assistance, with the help of psychologists and social assistants from AXA Assistance.

PrismaLife AG

Prisma Life (est. 2000) is the innovative service-focused pension and insurance specialist for sustainable wealth accumulation. As a leading Liechtenstein life insurer, Prisma Life offers insurance products that fit personal budgets.

Cares-Assistance supports the following charities

Besides our offer of practical and emotional assistance for your next of kin, we are also ambassadors for these charities: