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De Zelfmoordlijn 

The Zelfmoordlijn (‘Suicide Prevention Hotline’), or Zelfmoord1813, is the platform for everyone in Flanders who is looking for more information about suicide. Cares-Assistance supports the organization in its goal as the first point of contact for everyone undergoing a crisis, but also for the family, third parties, or the next of kin.


The chances of recovery for children with cancer are steadily increasing. Cares-Assistance invests in the operation of the Kinderkankerfonds (‘Child Cancer Fund’) in order to facilitate the treatment and psychological support for these children and their families.


Leukemia is a serious form of cancer that mainly affects the blood and bone marrow. An average of 60 Belgian children are affected every year. Since 1989, Télévie organises campaigns to raise money and funds for (child) cancer research, with a focus on leukemia. Cares-Assistance also supports this mission.

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