Assistance abroad

With a death abroad, the challenges faced are far greater.
That is why
Cares-Assistance‚Äč offers your next of kin personal assistance abroad.

To assist you in every situation, Cares-Assistance offers a personal assistant in case of a death abroad.

Not only repatriation, but also expatriation for people who want to return to their homeland after having died in Belgium.


In the event of a death abroad, the deceased is repatriated together with the family members who are present on location, and this FREE OF CHARGE. The vehicle, luggage and pets are also handled by us in order to relieve the relatives of this burden. These costs are not deducted from your insured capital.

Early return

In the event of a death in Belgium while a family member or third party is staying abroad, two people are returned to Belgium prior to their scheduled date or, if desired, one person can be taken back and forth. 


For every customer who chooses to return to his or her country of origin, we offer an extra option.

The deceased can be expatriated accompanied by two family members to his or her home country.

(Africa, Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, Poland, Russia, Chechnya, Tunesia, Turkey, Vietnam)


At Cares-Assistance we believe in support at any time.

You can count on this service for up to one year after the death.

More information on our expatriation possibilities?