Funeral in country of origin

Cares-Assistance‚Äč ensures that everyone can return to their homeland.

Many Belgians of foreign origin wish to be buried in their country of origin. In these cases, Cares-Assistance handles all practical, legal and administrative aspects of the expatriation of the deceased to the country of origin.


For every customer who chooses to return to his or her country of origin, we offer an extra option.

The deceased can be expatriated with two family members to their home country. The funeral can take place abroad and the relatives will be able to attend the funeral as a family member.

Religious beliefs

In the case of a funeral in the country of origin, Cares-Assistance always takes into account the religion or ideology of the deceased. From Belgium, the preparation of a repatriation takes about two to three days.

Aziz, 38 years old and son of Moustafa, 67 years (+)

"Every summer holiday we spent in dad's birthplace in the Atlas Mountains.
As I was the eldest son he occasionally took me aside to tell me that he absolutely wanted to be buried there.

After dad's fatal accident, we had to arrange his expatriation as soon as possible.
Thanks to the intervention of Cares-Assistance and AXA Assistance this was arranged within 48 hours."

We support your relatives after your death

We clearly inform them on every step of the process. After the death in Belgium, the deceased and his or her family are expatriated to their home country. The funeral can take place there and the relatives can attend the funeral as a family member.

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