Cares-Assistance offers emotional assistance tailored to the needs of your relatives

To give them the right help at the right time.

What does my Cares-Assistance‚Äč funeral assistance include?

  • When you opt for Cares-Assistance's funeral assistance, you offer your next of kin flexibility. We ensure that they can call on those services that meet the specific needs at any given moment.
  • We set up a personalized program with your family in which they decide what the funeral assistance will entail.
  • Finally, our people answer all your relatives’ questions BEFORE, DURING and AFTER the funeral. During these difficult times we help them arrange all practical matters.
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We tailor our funeral assistance to your specific needs.

Emotional relief

Thanks to your funeral assistance, you take care of your loved ones during the moments that count.

Logistic assistance

As our client you can count on our experts for logistic assistance during the funeral. 

Administrative aid

Our experts are ready to follow up and attend to all administrative matters.


Emotional unburdening

Emotional aid

  • Psychological assistance

Both our psychologists and social assistants emotionally assist your relatives. These services take place at the relatives’ own home.

  • Palliative assistance

As the first assistance broker in the European market, Cares-Assistance also offers palliative assistance. You can call on our extensive range of services as soon as an insured person is terminally ill. 

You provide your family with an intake manager, social assistant, psychologist, childcare and household help to ease their burden.

Logistic assistance

Practical support

  • Household help

A death can have such an impact that your family is left all alone in their home. Cares-Assistance also wants to take care of these concerns by offering domestic assistance.

  • Pet assistance

Even pets are not forgotten after death. We ensure the correct care of the pet by placing the cat or the dog in question in a certified pension while we look for a new home.

  • Home surveillance

The last thing you want to do as a relative is to worry about the security of your home during the funeral. In our assistance insurance we also provide home surveillance for one home during your absence and this on the day of the funeral service.

  • Day-care

Children cannot always be taken care of by family or friends. To relieve the next of kin we provide for day-care for small children when necessary.

Administrative aid

Administrative support

  • Social assistant
    The social assistant visits the relatives to attend to urgent matters and prevent certain problems. This means that your relatives do not have to resolve these things on their own, at the most difficult moment of their lives:
    - The funeral arrangements such as the funeral costs, the funeral service …
    - Administrative matters such as mail, rent, loans and mortgages, or to inform utilities.
    - Practical assistance such as informing the employer or the school or going to municipal services together.
    - Financial affairs such as bank matters, inheritance tax, survivor benefits, child support, settling the inheritance.
    Or whatever they require during these difficult times.

    These services often happen in consultation with our legal service. This list is not exhaustive.

Legal assistance

The LAR legal information service answers all of your questions by telephone.

Do you have a question about drafting your will or the inheritance tax after death? The social assistants are in contact with this service during their interventions to ensure that their answers are always correct and effective.

Our lawyers can provide an answer to each of your questions so that you can concentrate on what really counts during these difficult moments.

Death capital

Death capital

Cares Assistance also offers a death capital with lifetime coverage from € 3,000 to € 15,000. The conditions

- no medical acceptance, waiting periode is 24 months
- age between 18 and 85

Ask your broker for more details.


Eline, social assistant for AXA assistance in the Cares-Assistance project

"Knowing that you can make an huge difference at the most difficult moments in someone's life gives me a lot of gratification. We do not always dig through difficult legal situations or help arrange the funeral service. Often just listening to the family is their biggest need."

At Cares-Assistance we believe in long term support

Your relatives can count on our services until one year after the death. They have a lot of worries in the period after the death, and Cares-Assistance wants to alleviate these worries.

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