For private individuals

Cares Assistance​ offers tailored emotional assistance: in this way your relatives get the right help at the right time.

You do not take out a funeral assistance for yourself, but for the people you leave behind. 

No financial worries or red tape in the difficult period before, during and after the funeral.

Your personal intake manager

Your personal intake manager will immediately contact you within two hours after the death has been notified to Cares Assistance.

The first visit takes place at your own residence within 24 hours after notification.
Your intake manager is the personal supervisor to unburden your relatives, listen to them and start the first assistance services. He will check with your relatives whether they need a social assistant, psychologist or practical support. Furthermore, he also informs them which additional support our partner AXA Assistance can offer.

You can count on your intake manager for matters such as:

  • Coordinating and following up the requested assistance;
  • Follow-up of the assistance file until it is completely closed;
  • Collecting necessary documents so we can assign the death capital;
  • Arranging the expatriation/repatriation that best suits the personal needs and beliefs of the deceased;
  • Organising an early return of the relatives.

Evy, 28 years and daughter of Bart, 59 years (+)

"Dad wasn’t such a planner, so we were extra surprised when it turned out he was a customer at Cares Assistance.

After daddy’s best friend, who was one of his trustees, had notified Cares Assistance​ of his death, Serge the intake manager of Cares Assistance​ contacted us one hour later.

If he could visit the same day to see where he could help?

Of course, we were relieved, certainly because the death (cardiac arrest) was so sudden and we didn’t know what to do."


At Cares Assistance, the unburdening of your family can be arranged down to the last detail. We take care of your children through personal psychological assistance or seek care for your pet.

Administrative assistance with regards to municipal services or survivor benefits for your spouse is also included in our assistance insurance.

With Cares Assistance​ you take care of the people you love, even when you are no longer there.

The unburdening of your loved ones is regulated down to the smallest details, because those details count most on life-altering moments.