Practical procedures in the event of a death

To report a death 

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After death, the last thing you think about is attending to practical matters.

When losing a loved one, relatives wish to mourn in silence or process the loss in an intimate circle. Nevertheless a lot of practical matters have to be attended to at precisely that moment.

In the event of a death, administrative and financial decisions have to be made that can be very tough emotionally.

Making the first arrangements

Immediately after the death, your relatives contact a doctor to determine the death.

Soon after, a funeral director is called in and the death is reported to the municipality.

When you have received the death certificate, you can block the deposits with the bank. Think of bank accounts, savings accounts, deposit booklets, safes, etc.


Attending to administrative matter

  • Banking
    The funds are only unblocked once the bank has been informed of the identity of the legal heirs.
    The heirs visit the bank with a certificate of succession or a deed of succession in order to allow the bank to release the assets.
  • The will
    In the event that a will was drawn up, the notary checks what is left to whom. To arrange this, the survivors must examine the last will of the deceased together with the notary. The wishes relating to the funeral could also be mentioned in the will.
  • Personal administration
    The next of kin inform the employer or school, as well as the health insurance fund, the DIV - if the deceased had a vehicle - and all the insurance companies to which the deceased was affiliated.

A funeral assistance reduces the concerns of your loved ones.

Our experts take these matters out of their hands in a professional manner.